Group Pension

Group Pension Plans are now considered a must in any remuneration package as the Western world faces the future 'demographic time bomb' with uncertainty. As Independent Brokers, Holborn Assets have access to all the International Group Pension plans including Zurich Financial services and Friends Provident OPTUS account.

Group Personal Pensions

Some employers make a personal pension available to their staff through a group arrangement. If your employer offers a group personal pension scheme, you should seriously consider joining it, especially if your employer makes contributions as well.

With a group personal pension, deductions are paid from your salary to the provider. Your fund is then invested by the pension provider to give you benefits at retirement, just like other personal pensions.

If you don't join your employer's group personal pension scheme, you'll miss out on any contributions your employer may also make, and possible reduction in charges. If you need more information you should check with your employer.

Contributions from your employer

In some company pension schemes, your employer will normally match your contributions as a minimum. If for example you were to pay in £100 per month (including tax relief), your employer would contribute £100 too. Matching your contributions in this way will depend on the scheme rules, and if they do match what you pay in, they may only contribute up to a certain percentage of your salary.
But if your company does offer this, it's worth thinking about. By paying into such a pension arrangement through your company, you'll be taking advantage of their contributions.

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Gratuity Schemes