Financial Planning

Dubai Financial Planning Advice

A personal financial plan reviewed regularly will make a major difference to the achievement of your goals. Taking command of your finances requires more time and effort than ever in today's constantly changing economic environment. Like many people, you are also likely to have many different and often conflicting financial goals, which requires careful planning.

There are vast numbers of financial products available in the marketplace today and higher earning levels (often tax free) in the expatriate market mean more opportunities and a greater need for expertise when planning.

To help cut through this complexity, Holborn Assets Advisers provide all their clients with a fully documented and individually tailored Financial Plan, without charge. This plan forms the basis of any future business dealings and is a valuable record of our information gathering and recommendations.

We understand that one size simply does not fit all, which is why we follow a structured Financial Planning process that yields numerous options, which are discussed openly with our clients, allowing you to take the level of risk you are comfortable with.

The three main steps in the process are:

  • Identifying Your Current Situation - Where am I now?
  • Setting Your Goals - Where do I want to get to?
  • Putting Your Financial Plan Together - What do we have to do to get there?

Each of these steps is important, which is why our qualified advisers take the time to talk through and understand your individual needs.

Our qualified advisers will work with the client to always ensure they are protected against the three major risks, regardless of financial objectives:

  • Dying too soon
  • Living too long
  • Becoming disabled

Creating and achieving a plan is not an exact science. It is open to unexpected and inexplicable changes in your circumstances and as a result of outside influences. This is why we place great importance on regular and ongoing financial reviews once a course of action has been taken.

Annual reviews (and in some cases, more regular reviews) will ensure that, if the plan should go slightly off track for any unknown reason, the reasons can be identified sufficiently early so as not to fail to meet the original objective. New objectives can also be incorporated into your financial plan. As your life changes, so should your financial plan.

The use of medium to long term investment products from Insurance, Pension and Investment companies is very much part of most investors portfolio's, especially in the early stages of planning. Generally this implies the use of external fund managers and what are known as collective funds; although at a certain level, a portfolio can be enhanced by the use of stockbrokers and direct purchase of stocks and shares.

Remember, Financial Planning is a marathon not a sprint. Talk to a qualified Holborn Assets adviser today to get moving.