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Markets continue gains on stronger US job data

Asian shares are higher amid rising risk appetite after the US added more jobs than expected in October, boosting confidence in the global economic recovery.

It's time for some trend reversals

The political season just past has led to America being somewhat over-despised, writes John Dizard, now it's time for some trend reversals, a dollar rally maybe, a decline in the gold and silver price.

Protect against the lure of protection

As the global economy emerges from recession, it is still the most open it has ever been. This is because political leaders have resisted the sirens of protectionism better than one might have feared.

Dollar hits lowest level of year

Federal Reserve's confirmation of quantitative easing pushes currency lower

Surprisingly strong US payrolls lift dollar

Stocks in Europe move higher after US jobs data come in stronger than expected.

Prospect of QE2 bears down on dollar

Commodity-linked currencies rose as data suggested that Chinese manufacturing activity rose at its fastest pace in six months.

Markets cautious as US votes loom

Asian stock markets are mixed amid cautious trading ahead of a long-awaited US Federal Reserve meeting later in the day

Manufacturing strength fuels industrial metals

The two main drivers of prices seemed to be aligning in favour of commodities markets, helping lift prices across the board.

Debt costs jump for Dublin and Lisbon

The European Central Bank's president warned European leaders last week that the proposed rescue system would increase borrowing costs.

US is bigger threat to investors than Brazil

Investors have not had to worry much about global politics lately but the US could be the fly in the ointment.