Expatriate Life


When your child's education is a priority

Expatriate education can be very varied and costly. Whilst there is a law restricting the annual rate of school fee inflation to between 16 and 20% in Dubai, schools find all sorts of ways to add on extras and this has seen annual inflation of up to 80% in some school fees.

Many overseas postings provide a generous education allowance, but if this is not something you benefit from planning for your child's education is essential.

There is a great deal of research that can and should be done before you move abroad about the schooling methods and educational standards in your country of choice, and this article breaks down the areas of consideration any expat parent needs to cover when examining overseas schooling.

Pre-school children

Moving with pre-school age children to Dubai is relatively straight forward and you don't need to worry that you'll be upsetting your child's schooling, which will be a weight off your mind. Children this young need to begin social interaction quite quickly with other children and this can be achieved through attending a nursery, crèche or kindergarten, which are widely available in Dubai and can often be chosen to be near the community you live in.

This is also a great way for you to meet other local parents who may be able to help you settle into your new country.

Continuing the education of older children overseas

Older children who are already attending school will have very differing needs and issues depending on the level of schooling they are at.

English is the language of choice in Dubai International Schools and there is a wide selection of schools available. Due to limited spaces in the best schools, you should prioritise enrolling children as early as possible.

How to find information about schools overseas

The internet is also the best place to search for information about educational practices overseas, the curriculum followed, whether there are any international schools available to you, and what the costs are associated with educating your child in your chosen country. This may allow you to budget, save and invest appropriately to afford the ongoing education of your child.