Dangerous Occupations

What Insurance for Dangerous Occupations really entails

You don't need to be a stuntman to be classified as working in a dangerous occupation. Insurers will hike your premiums if you are a window cleaner or a farmer! It's important that you always read the small print and double check that your profession is included in possible claims for life insurance, critical illness etc.

High-risk occupations that need to be considered include miners, pilots, professional sportsmen and sportswomen, steeplejacks, aerial riggers, divers and offshore workers.

A common and logical question for anybody whose occupation is dangerous or unorthodox is whether or not this will restrict their ability to take out a life insurance policy.

The short answer to this question is 'yes' because insurance companies although they want to do business with everybody, are very stringent on the insurance terms that they offer people who present a higher than average risk factor to their organisation. They will dig as deep as possible into what your occupation is and what it involves, from the heights you work at to the equipment you use. The chances are you can have a life term insurance policy with them but this will be at a higher premium rate.

So your cover could potentially be on a different basis than the majority of 'standard' risk clients. It may mean you have to pay more for your life insurance cover. It may also mean that you might have to accept lower levels of cover. In some cases the cover offered might have exclusions placed on it.

To find out what this means to your individual circumstances, please call a qualified Holborn Assets adviser today.