Are you considering saving or investing, but are either unsure what plans are suitable or what funds to invest in?

Whether you are planning for Retirement, Education fees, your daughter's marriage or the trip of a life-time, putting money aside and ensuring it's working for you is a guaranteed way to achieve your financial goals.

At Holborn Assets we will provide you with advice and thorough research to find the most suitable plans for you and construct a tax efficient portfolio based on your attitude to risk.

We help expatriates arrange a variety of investment options such as Bonds, Alternative Funds, Hedge Funds, Equities and Property.

We do not believe in off the shelf methods. All of our financial advisers are experienced portfolio managers with extensive experience. Our financial planning process ensures that clients are given a personalised service with tailored recommendations and advice that helps you to make informed decisions.

To find out about the common investment structures used, please talk to a qualified Holborn Assets adviser or visit our related links on the left.