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Reliable health care is something none of us should ever be without. With the price of many health services, this means securing good medical insurance.

As with any product, educating yourself about the different aspects of this service is the first and most important step that you, the consumer, need to take in order to ensure that your money is being well spent. By being here on this site, you have already started this process. The following is our guide to understanding the basics of the medical insurance maze.

What exactly is medical insurance?

Medical insurance is a plan that people buy into in return for cover on all kinds of medical care. Most plans cover doctors' appointments, emergency room visits, hospital stays and medications.

The idea behind insurance is simple: Medical Insurance can be so expensive that most people can't pay for it entirely out of their own pockets. But if a group of people gets together, and they each agree to pay a fixed amount every month (whether they need medical care at that time or not), the risk is spread out over the whole group. In other words, each person is protected from high health care costs because the burden is shared by many.

There are many different ways to buy health insurance, and the costs and benefits vary widely for each one. You'll need to see which options are available to you, given your age and employment status, and also which one best meets your needs.

What if I already have a health condition?

If you've been living with an illness, such as asthma or diabetes, insurance companies call that a "pre-existing condition." Unfortunately, people who try to purchase a policy after they've been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition often find that prices are higher. They also might not cover any treatment related to your pre-existing condition for a set period.

How do I decide what type of insurance I need?

Each insurance plan is different when it comes to what's covered, what's not, and how much things cost. You want to get the most benefits at the least cost. Start by looking at all the elements of the plan and not just the price. Look at whether your plan covers things that are important to you. For example, many plans don't cover things like dental or alternative therapies like chiropractic or acupuncture.

Where do I start?

It is possible to buy online here.

Finding the right medical insurance to suit you can be a minefield and you can call a qualified Holborn Assets adviser for a detailed appraisal and advice at any time.