"I think what I like most about Bob Parker is that he is a pukka Englishman with an Indian heart …..!”

Frank Raj International Indian editor

"I've known and worked with Bob and the Holborn team since 2003 and in that time they have proven themselves over and over and over again. From giving me the advice I needed to hear to providing me with some of the soundest financial recommendations around, Bob and the Holborn team have really become much more than Financial Advisors, they have brought me into their family, something I'm willing to bet most folks won't say about their IFAs!”

Steven Brown Vesta Group chief executive officer

"Having known Bob Parker for a considerable number of years, both professionally and personally, I would definitely recommend him to be a man of integrity, honesty and vision with excellent leadership qualities and a great sense of humour.

I believe his company, 'Holborn Assets' to be both professionally and successfully managed with a hand picked team dedicated to putting the client's interests first.

The fact that he does an amazing rendition of 'Puff the magic dragon' and also enjoys munching enormous bars of Toblerone is a big plus!!!”

Susan Walpole

"In the many years that I have known Robert Parker (Bob), I have always been especially taken by his unconditional sense of giving to others without any expectation whatsoever of getting anything back

I trust Bob completely and have always felt sure that He would deliver fully on anything that he commits to.

In my view, Bob is a role model to everyone around him as a husband, father, friend and business colleague”

Doug Lambert

"Through Holborn, I have recently transferred my former UK occupational pension into a personal pension. Following an initial discussion/fact find, Sam then brought along a colleague, well versed in the minefield that is UK pensions, to the next meeting. Between them, having listened to my circumstances, they outlined several possibilities, detailing the pros and cons of each, allowing me to make an informed decision. Whilst no doubt the norm for Holborn, this was particularly refreshing for me here in Dubai, where many of the IFA's you meet clearly already have a product (or flavour of the month) in mind, which they try to push you towards.

However, once the actual decision had been made and the applications completed and submitted, for me Sam really came into his own - constantly chasing the corporate pension trustees in the UK to ensure the matter was progressed, In addition, although this took much longer than we had all envisaged (Christmas, New Year, inclement weather, systems problems etc.) Sam ensured I was kept in the loop throughout, and did not duck any telephone calls or emails, despite knowing on occasion that I would not be happy with what he had to report.

In short, I was thoroughly impressed with both Sam and Holborn and would certainly not hesitate to recommend them to friends, colleagues etc. Indeed, I have since referred my wife to them in respect of her own UK pension.”

Tim Shawcross Julius Baer (Middle East) Ltd executive director

"It’s no secret when asked if you would rather be locked in a room with deadly snakes or spend an hour with a financial advisor, the answer probably would be locked in a room with snakes.. Thankfully I don’t need to worry about ever making that choice because we have Terry Dixon in our chapter!

I went to terry to start a savings plan and for how long and was happy to make recommendations to what would suited me best. and since then I have been only to happy to refer him to my friends and colleagues.

I don’t think Terry would mind me telling you that he actually has a lot of clients and isn’t desperate to sell policies. So have a meeting with Terry, he will treat you to tea and biscuits!"

Lucy Roberts Plug UAE