Procedure of Will Writing

Writing a Will protects your assets and helps minimise the chances of a contest over your estate!

Before making a Will, it is important to consider the value of your estate both now and in the future. Estate planning is straightforward and will help you plan what you wish to include in your Will. Our expert UK Solicitor is also on hand to help walk you through this process.

Completion of the process will enable you to calculate the estimated Inheritance Tax liability arising when each of you dies. This knowledge will enable both of you to plan the terms of your Will so that you achieve a sensible balance between the practical needs and tax saving.

You will have to add up the value of your assets and liabilities, which could include the following:

  • Assets such as your home, shares, savings, furniture, premium bonds, pension funds etc.
  • Liabilities such as your mortgage and debts
  • Pension Fund Benefits and Life Assurance
  • Pension Fund Benefits
  • Life Assurance

On collecting this information, you are ready to sit with our expert solicitor to work through your wishes and how to ensure they are met. We will then draft your Will, run you through it and get it signed.

To set up your will please email or contact us here.